Spark Survey Findings

Launching the Spark Guru service, The Spark Group conducted a survey amongst students of class 8, 9 and 10. The purpose behind this survey was to understand their interests – and how Spark could improve the quality of education at schools.

We came up with some interesting findings:

  1. Almost all the students (96.7%) feel that they could do better if they get a good Mathematics teacher.
  2. 43.47% students consider Mathematics as their favorite subject.
  3. Only 13.07% students don’t find Mathematics interesting.
  4. A very large section of students (76.8%) like Geometry.
  5. 40.5% students hate languages (Hindi/Telugu) being taught as subjects.

One thing which is pretty clear from the above data is that in the historic land of “Aryabhatta” and “Bhaskaracharya” the passion for Mathematics hasn’t gone down a single bit. So we can expect many more great Mathematicians coming our way.

The keen interest in Geometry suggests that students learn things faster if they are able to visualize them. This can be a lesson for the teachers while teaching other topics as well. The survey reveals that students do not like studying languages such as Hindi and Telugu.

One of the most alarming findings of the survey is the discontent of the students with the standard of teaching. This is where Spark endeavors to bring quality education back to where it belongs – in the classroom.