Gyan Shala – the McDonalds of education in India.

The Gyaan Shala is chaired by alumni and professors from the Indian Institute of Management. Gyan Shala aims to

(i) effectively reach children from poor urban and rural families; (ii) replicate on a mass scale while maintaining quality, and (iii) maintain unit cost well within the existing government budgetary norms Ayan and I headed to meet Zalak at the Gyan Shala office in Ahmedabad. We visited 3 schools. The children were extremely bright and were even perhaps trying to “impress” the guests in the classroom. The teachers were passionate, driven, enthused and most importantly motivated. The children reciprocated the efforts of their teachers. Oblivious to the small size of the class room and paying attention only to the large hearted teachers, these children are clearly determined to become successful.

Gyan Shala has successfully gone beyond piecemeal improvements in pedagogy, learning and training material, and teacher training and evolved a `total system solution’ that provides assurance of the delivery of education service of a desired quality. Truly the McDonalds of education in