ICT has huge role in attracting children: Azim Premji

Azim Premji shared this thoughts on ICT in education in The Economic Times. An excerpt:

One of the few things on which there is consensus across the entire ideological spectrum in economics and politics is that literacy and education are perhaps the most significant drivers of development and democracy. For societies to improve their literacy levels and the quality of their education, multiple complex factors must be worked upon. Information and communication technology (ICT) can facilitate improvement on several of these dimensions. To me, use of ICT for literacy is almost intuitive, given the challenge of reaching out to large numbers which a country like India faces. ICT provides us an effective tool for connecting with a large number of remotely located learners at a low cost.

My perspective on the use of ICT for education and literacy is based on our interaction with the parents and schools in over 1,300 villages in 2000, through the Azim Premji Foundation. Through these interactions we gained the following perspective: Parental feedback indicates strong demand for computers; they also consider computer interface as an enabler for knowing English; ICT can strengthen our efforts for universalising primary education and; ICT could also be the solution to a uniform high quality of instructions without replacing teachers. But more than that, we learnt that ICT also has a huge role in attracting children to the school, and creating excitement in and around the school.

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  1. April 19, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Dear Ayan Sarkar/Chetan

    My husband and I have started an Agricultural farm in a village called Gudladona, Nellore Dist. Andhra Pradesh.

    I am very interested in setting up a school there; to cater to the north and south villages of Gudladona. I read about your initiative in ‘Imagining India’ by Nandan Nilekani, page 206 and have been dreaming of nothing else since. As I Google for info I read that the group has been disbanded! What’s up?

    How do I start?…are you still a viable option for me?…I loved the concept and I love teaching.

    BTW You could check out my blog…and read my recent poem Birthright

    Hoping to hear from you

    Nalini Hebbar

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