Spark in the Khaleej Times

Spark has been featured in the Khaleej Times

Of small schools and small dollars

An extract:

“Education is indeed a service like any of a very large variety of goods and services provided very efficiently by the market. When we say that markets work it is just as applicable to the provision of education.

For instance, The Spark Group, founded by entrepreneurs from MIT, is creating a branded chain of low-cost schools across India. The schools will be owned and operated by private entrepreneurs. Spark hopes to maximise outcomes of the initiative by harnessing the power of grassroots entrepreneurship.

The model will be to provide a ready-to-run package that comes with everything required to start and operate a low-end school – from curriculum to fee schedule to infrastructure design.

The Spark Group’s plan is to take the entrepreneur from “ink on the contract” to “chalk on the board” in three months. This chain of schools will be adapted for local needs — and yet be integrated under one brand that will be instantly recognised by every poor family in India.

Backed by rigorous academic research from Harvard and MIT, Spark plans to make sustainable investments in schools by providing much-needed resources and value-added services.”