Investing equity in our youth

Millions of poor parents send their children to private schools. They refuse the pitiable education and the free meals provided by government schools and choose to pay Rs 25 – Rs 250 per month to educate their children in “English medium” schools.

The private schools range from one-room, one-teacher set-ups to big buildings that house several thousands of students. There are thousands of them crammed in the by-lanes of urban slums. Hyderabad has at least 1,100 such schools and this number is quickly increasing.

Research has shown that these schools deliver a quality of education that on an average is better than what the government schools offer.

And yet, while government schools receive large amounts of state funding, the private schools are systematically deprived of resources. They are unrecognized by the education ministries and denied credit by banks. The edupreneurs (educators cum entrepreneurs) who run these schools rely on family funds and stake their personal assets to ensure that teaching is not disrupted.

We are a group of student – entrepreneurs from MIT who want to invest in Indian edupreneurs serving poor communities to ensure that the next generation receives quality education.

If you are:
* a teacher or an edupreneur
* searching for resources for your existing school or a new school
* interested in private education for the poor and have suggestions
and comments
please contact us at or call us at 99033 77914


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