Hum Honge Kamyaab

Tooley and Saajid

Prof. James Tooley and Saajid lead the Hyderabad edupreneurs in a rendering of “Hum Honge Kamyaab” (We shall overcome). Over 40 private school owners from the old city of Hyderabad attended the meeting convened by Prof. Tooley’s Educare Trust. In the meeting the owners discussed the day-to-day problems they are facing and how financial resources could be applied to address their challenges.

For Priya and I, it was heartening to see the work that Prof. Tooley and the Trust have been doing. And above all, it was reaffirming to meet the entrepreneurs of Hyderabad. People like Anwar and Reshma – people that we had hoped to find when we quit our jobs and moved back to India.

Overall, we find the vision of private entrepreneurs providing education to poor communities, highly compelling. We also agree with Prof. Tooley that providing these entrepreneurs with financial resources would be a very effective way in helping them increase the reach and quality of their services.


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