Sri Ram School –


Early Tuesday Morning, I was driven 1 hour from Chennai to the Sri Ram Foundation school.. 

It was quite uplifting spending time with so many bright and hopeful young students. The school only has one section per class and this seems to be working since the teachers are more focused and have a great one on one relationship with all students.  

The school was started in 1991 and graduated its first class of 10th graders in 1996. The teachers, like all the people we meet working in the health and education sectors, are tremendously pragmatic and dedicated in the face of difficulties that most of these students face since most hail from middle –class backgrounds.

Parents of most of the children attending this school work at the adjacent Sri Ram factories. They pay fees – approximatley 300 Rs amonth ,a cost that seems well spent since  the children do seem to be getting a good quality education. Many of the students we talked to had already decided on what they would study at University – engineering, medicine and computer science were the most popular subjects. All of the students were articulate, confident and spoke easily about their experiences.

The school is in good hands. The principal – Mr Krishnan is extremely enterprising and wants to introduce the Kaizen and TQM methodology to education at this school.


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